“ Here at Acme 1975 we are whole heartedly committed to ethical and sustainable trading, being a family run business we are looking to the future, ensuring that both the planet and our business are preserved for generations to come.”

President Krit Prajnabhakti
At Acme 1975 we strive beyond to be good corporate members of society.. creating a safe and enjoyable working environment where workforce welfare is top priority, understanding that happy, content workers are essential to our business. We endeavour to produce our products and run our business at the most sustainable level possible. We source our timber from only accredited, sustainable sources and can offer fully certified FSC across many categories and timbers. We work tirelessly with all our suppliers to ensure all aspects of our production are as ethical as possible…using water based finishes, recycled packaging and we try to use every gram of this precious commodity by recycling wood waste into pet bedding and even the fine dust into incense sticks.  Environmental concerns are central to Acme’s core philosophy.